AZ Dept of Labor

AZ Dept of Labor main mission is to foster, promote, and develop the health, safety and welfare of the wage earners of Arizona. AZ Dept of Labor address is 800 W Washington St, Phoenix, Arizona 85007. AZ Dept of Labor phone number is 602-542-4515. You are advised to browse through the direct phone numbers for the different AZICA offices and divisions:

AZ Dept of Labor main phone number: 602-542-4515
Accounting: 542-4654
Administrative, Law Judge (Hearings): 542-5241
ADOSH: 542-5795 or (855) 268-5251
Claims: 542-4661
Director: 542-4411
Human Resources: 542-5559
Labor: 542-4515
Legal: 542-5781
Management Information Systems, Information Technology: 542-1823
Ombudsman: 542-4538
Research & Statistics (Bureau of Labor Statistics): 542-3739
Self-Insurance: 542-1839
Special Fund: 542-3294
Special Services: 542-5991
Taxes: 542-1836

AZ Dept of Labor Phone Number

AZ Dept of Labor phone number to call AZICA and speak to a real person is 602-542-4515.

AZ Dept of Labor Fax Number

AZ Dept of Labor fax number where you can send fax messages, documents and forms is 602-542-8097.

AZ Dept of Labor Website

AZ Dept of Labor website where you can get the latest news, updates, executive directors’ information, public announcements and more, can be accessed by clicking here.

AZ Dept of Labor Address

AZ Dept of Labor address to send official mail, documents, complaints, requests, and forms is:

AZ Dept of Labor (Industrial Commission of Arizona, Labor Department)
800 W Washington St
Arizona 85007

AZ Dept of Labor Services & Responsibilities

AZ Dept of Labor services & responsibilities include Workforce Development, Unemployment Management, Reemployment Assistance, Helping Residents Get Back to Work, Business Growth, Business Support, Community Development, Workforce Statistics, Public Records Request, Workforce Safety, PUA Unemployment, Labor Regulations, Workplace rights, Labor Data and Career Development.
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